Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Art Visit for Miss Bowler's Third Grade Class

An excited third grade class busily works on their art
My niece Lizzy Bowler invited me to visit her third grade class at Valley Charter School this morning and share a little about being an artist. Afterwards I was totally exhausted and very appreciative of all the wonderful teachers who have the energy to teach our children. The kids were all enthusiastic, interested, and asked tons of great questions -- even though we had to resort to occasional rounds of "One, two three...look at me" to quiet their excited chatter. But like most young people, they were eager to get their hands on pencils and crayons and show me their creations. After telling them about my trip to the town of Giethoorn Holland (where there are no cars or roads, only canals and boats) I asked them to draw what they thought it would be like to live there. Their imaginations ran wild as they concocted paintings of canal boats with them and their friends at the helm. Each wanted to show me what they had made, get my autograph, and give me a hug before reluctantly heading out to recess. It just reminded me that all children love to draw. They don't need instruction, just tools and paper to keep them happily busy for hours. Hmmm, sounds just like me! Maybe I never did grow up after all.

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  1. Hi Roland! Ha, that's funny, I also was able to connect with some younger artists at Coral Canyon today (1st grade). Yes, they do have a lot of energy! Their minds are so busily and openly gathering up information. They DO have a lot of questions and all of them at the same time! Dang, I should remember to take some pictures when I do this stuff! I am so glad you were able to share your art time on your blog. Miss seeing you and everyone. I'll come back to it; I sure am sad I missed out on the plein aire week. Need to stay more in touch! Take care now. Vanessa