Monday, May 21, 2012

Fundamentals of Drawing - SLC Workshop

I appreciate so much the opportunity to gather with fellow friends and artists for a workshop. It seems strange that I would be invited by this fine group of people to instruct them, when they could all be instructing ME! But we had a great time for two days at the home of Jan Zwick as I taught them my techniques for understanding light and shadow in the landscape. I showed them how I concentrate on the areas of highest contrast first and work out from there. This enables me to do very fast pencil sketchbook drawings on location. Thanks again to Margo for her able organization and to all my good friends who put their trust in me. Attending this workshop were: Virginia Pearce, Joan Reynolds, Antje Evans, Heidi Vriens, Margaret Pugsley, Debbie Hogan, and Margo Cook.
Gathering for a photo in Jan's lovely back yard just before it started to rain.

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