Sunday, May 04, 2014

Art on Wheels, My New Travel Studio

Six Pac Super Mini Camper and Toyota 4 x 4
My new Six Pac Super Mini camper traveling art studio on location at Arches National Park
It's not really new--in fact I would call it pure vintage--but it is going to be my new studio on wheels. Nellie and I took a trip to Moab last week to pick up this sweet little ride. We purchased it from a great couple who have owned it since day one, and used it to explore the deserts and canyons around the southwest. They since upgraded to a beautiful new rig and reluctantly said goodbye to this little Toyota 4x4 and Six Pac Super Mini Camper. I'm hoping to infuse some new life in it as a travel studio. The camper has just enough room to handle my painting gear, and enough windows that I can actually paint from inside on cold winter days in the hills. Plus, a wonderful bed for an afternoon nap. I tested it out at Arches National Park and I think it is going to be just right. Two old duffers, still hard at work!

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