Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unique Houses and Cottages

This little bridge house in Ambleside England pays no taxes because it uses no land!
"Ambleside Bridge House" 4 x 6 original painting
 In addition to the great castles and manor houses, Great Britain has some very unique smaller houses as well. The little bridge house at Ambleside in the Lake District of England pays no taxes because it is over water. The little crooked house of Windsor appears like it is going to fall any second, but has been around for hundreds of years. I have included here various sketches of other houses as well including some beauties from Cabourg France. Stop by my gallery and take a look at these and many other paintings and drawings from our recent travels.
The crooked house of Windsor. It's amazing it still stands.
"Crooked House of Windsor" 4 x 6 original painting

Sketchbook drawing at Cabourg France

Sketchbook drawing of common gables in France

Sketchbook drawing of Adare Manor cottage

Sketchbook drawing of Adare Carriage House

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