Monday, July 29, 2013

New Paintings of Thatched Cottages in Ireland

"The Red Gate" Inspired by a thatched cottage in Spiddal Ireland. Original 5 x 8 watercolor
Sketchbook study of a thatched cottage done on location in Spiddal Ireland. this was my inspiration for the painting "the Red Gate"
"Irish street" 4 x 6 original watercolor
I am always intrigued by thatched-roof homes and buildings. In times past, they were used because reeds were readily available. Nowadays, however, it is a mark of wealth to be able to afford thatching. It is a highly-prized skill to have. These two cottages are in Ireland. All my new paintings and sketchbook drawings will be on display starting August 2 at the Roland Lee Gallery in St. George, Utah. Receptions are scheduled for Thursday and Friday August 8 and 9. Stop by when you get a chance.

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