Friday, September 21, 2012

Demonstration Watercolor Paintings

This painting started as demonstration of a 3-minute wet-into-wet sky. We did four or five different skies then added the landscape elements afterwards.

"English Cottage" was used to demonstrate "negative painting" techniques for foliage, but at the same time I showed the students how to handle characteristics of structures.
I taught the artists how to begin each painting with a pencil "Thumbnail Sketch" value study which provides a road map to follow. If it works in the thumbnail it will work in the painting.
A rough thumbnail value study helped me determine how to depict the shapes through the use of light against dark edges.
If it works in the value study it will work in the painting too! The eye sees shapes because of edge contrast.

I completed several watercolor demonstration paintings at my recent watercolor workshop in Milford Michigan. Each was started to demonstrate a specific concept or watercolor technique. I used both powerpoint and painting demonstrations to get my point across, then had the student artists do their own paintings based on what they learned. It was a great workshop with some excellent artists.

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