Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wet Weather and Watercolor

Left: "North Fork of the Virgin River" 8 x 12 by Roland Lee

We have had unprecedented moisture in the state of Utah the past few days, which is fortunate for the ski resorts but disastrous for the canyons and deserts. We experienced both as we were pounded by the white stuff while visiting our grandkids in northern Utah, then endured a looooong snowy drive back home only to find the southern deserts being flooded by burgeoning rivers. It's amazing to see nature's incredible power at work and see the landscape carved before our eyes. It is indeed a thing of beauty and terror at the same time. Today I posted a painting on my website of the north fork of the Virgin River the way it looked only a short time ago--quiet, gentle, and harmless. The irony is obvious.

Underneath that big pile of white stuff is my truck. Brrrrr!


  1. The painting is stunning. You have such a gift at showing light in your paintings.

  2. i have been painting out nearly every day, getting to know Longhorn quarry. Heavy skies, clear skies, bright noon, early evening. I'll post to my blog soon. so great to keep in touch so easily and pictorially.