Sunday, October 31, 2010

Painting foliage and water subject of October workshop

For two days we poured over painting water (no pun intended)as well as dipped into the technique of negative painting, or "back painting" fall foliage in watercolor during my latest workshop. 20 wonderful artists enrolled for the workshop coming from Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. They all proved up to the task as we had a great time together. Thanks to Warren and Carol Larson from the Hurricane Valley Art Alliance (HVAA) for organizing and sponsoring the workshop

1st L-R Gail Alger, Mark Gunn Rose, Jan Hansen, Gayla Folkman, Roland Lee & Mike Smith
2nd Lola Krummenacher, Carol Larson, Shirlee Last, Sharon Cannon, Judy Stringham, Johanna Monroe & Karel Armstrong
3rd Jim Lanier, Shirley Faux, John Armstrong, Kathy Morlan, Maja Gray, Pete Sauer, Sherri Havelka & John Mangels

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