Monday, April 05, 2010

Sunshine and Good Times Come Together at the St. George Art Festival

We enjoyed great sunny weather and huge crowds at the St. George Art Festival over the weekend. All in all it was a success with good painting sales and pleasant visits with old friends, new collectors, and most of my grandkids. For our family it's a tradition to all congregate in downtown St. George on Easter weekend for the art show.

My double booth wasn't fancy but I got a lot of paintings on display. If you look closely you'll see a Purchase Award ribbon (my favorite award.)

My son Jon and his adoring children

Alyssa holds her new little sister Becca who decided to arrive in time for the festivities. You can see Becca's reaction to my artwork. Hmmmm.

Snow Cones were the big hit for kids (Tiger's blood was the favorite flavor.)

St. George's flowers in the Spring are a welcome relief for those arriving from the snowy north.

Sidewalk chalk murals were just some of the many activities for children at the St. George Art Festival.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Roland, you have been a true inspiration to me for many years. Your Easter show was amazing. I just discovered your blog. Wow! It is wonderful for you to share your life and to keep this journal of your art work. Thank you for being my friend. Sharon Jewkes