Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting Workshop at Elsinore Art Center

Barn demonstration for the Sevier Valley artists group at the Elsinore Art Center in Utah
Last weekend I enjoyed spending a couple of days with some wonderful artists from the Richfield, UT area. My good friend Lillie Jones invited me to teach a landscape painting workshop to their artist group at the charming "Elsinore Art Center."

Although it snowed both days, our indoor classroom facilities were great--and the big north window gave me a wonderful view while I was teaching.

The Elsinore Art Center
The Elsinore art center is located in a nice restored home owned by Sue Ann Brady, who offered the facility as a coop gallery and workshop facility to area artists. The artists each take turns staffing the gallery to keep costs down.

Roland Lee demonstrates painting a barn, starting with a pencil value study
Although the students used a variety of mediums, the subject matter applied to all of them, as we discussed learning to see values, edges, and shapes in nature. In the demonstration painting of a barn (above) I showed how a pencil value study provides the roadmap for the watercolor painting.

Click to see more Elsinore workshop photos

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