Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Studio in the Home

After maintaining a studio and gallery downtown for the past five years I decided it is time to simplify our life a little. So I've moved my painting studio back into our home in St. George. It took a little work to get rid of 20 years of office furniture and other art junk, but it feels great! I like the new digs. I'm streamlined, lean, and mean--and I can work in my pajamas til all hours of the night. Plus I really like having lunch with Nellie each day.

Roland Lee at work on a painting of the Nauvoo Temple
Here I am at work on one of a series of historical painting commissions I'll be doing this summer.


  1. I'll bet its tricky making lunch with an easel in the kitchen. ;)

  2. Yeah, but it makes it easy to grab a quick snack while I'm working :) I love my life!