Monday, June 29, 2009

The Next Generation of Artists, and boy are they good!

Emma painting

Okay so I took a month off of blogging, but I wasn't slacking. Nellie and I have been on the road visiting our grandkids -- and since we've got 20 of them, that takes awhile. But oh, the talent! I took my travel watercolor sets with me and we had "painting time with Grandpa." Check the photos below and you can see there is no lack of talent in this family. It is so much fun to watch them dive in and sling paint on whatever surface is available. The only hard part was getting them to quit. Aint painting fun?

Kayson painting

Christian painting

Matty and Katey painting in Houston

Ellie at work

I know this looks suspicious, but it is really the best set-up ever. Emma and Ellie's mom lets them paint with chalk and water on their vinyl fence. When I asked Ellie what she was painting she said she was painting a "website." Hmmm, suppose her dad is a computer engineer?

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