Friday, May 01, 2009

New Visions Art Show Gets Underway

A number of Gallery artists were on hand for the opening of the New Visions of Art show at the Santa Clara Town Hall this morning. The show continues tomorrow 10am to 8pm.
New Visions Santa Clara Art Show

My art display was in the middle of the hall adjacent to the sculpture display of well-known artist L'Deane Trueblood. In addition to my original paintings I also displayed the new art books I'm featured in, and showed my travel sketchbooks.

Jane Juber (left) owner of The Mission Gallery with sculptor Annette Everett.

David Koch painting display at New Visions Santa Clara exhibit

Annette Everett demonstrates sculpting a bust in clay to Santa Clara school children.

Artist Kieth Bond

Artist Kieth Bond talks to art collectors in front of his oil paintings.

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  1. Roland, that was a fun event to share with you and the other artists. It was a gathering of important art and artists and I was pleased to be included. Great job! Thank you, Annette