Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back from our Family History Research Trip

Roland Lee sketching in Nauvoo Illinois

We just returned from about 10 days traveling in the midwest with my brother and sister as we followed the trail of our pioneer ancestors from Illinois to Utah. I kept up my travel sketchbook and planned a few paintings I will be working on this summer in my studio.

Above: Grant Lee, Andrea Lee Conley, and Roland Lee stand on the property once owned by their ancestor Francis Lee in Nauvoo, Illinois.

Photo of The Ellis Sanders Bed and Breakfast in Nauvoo Illinois
Above: Nellie stands in front of the elegant and finely appointed Ellis Sanders Bed and Breakfast which was our home for three days in Nauvoo. David and Diane Owen, the owners, provide a multi-course breakfast that is amazing. This house was once owned by my sister-in-law's ancestor Ellis Sanders, so our stay there had special meaning to us.


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