Sunday, April 12, 2009

St. George Art Festival Successful in Spite of Rain

2009 St. George Art Festival

Artist Gina Jrel lets Alyssa help on a paintingA little rain on Saturday threatened to dampen the St. George Art Festival, but the crowds came out in droves anyway (umbrellas and shorts). The show moved this year from the street to the new town square with its huge lawn parade grounds and we all liked it a lot. The lawn made the whole show cooler, more casual, and lots more comfortable to set up our booths on. We were also pleased with the booth placement leaving much wider aisles and alleys every second booth. And as usual the St. george City Arts and Leisure Services crew were outstanding in keeping the show organized and tightly run. Our sales were good both days, as were the sales of many of the visiting artists. I enjoyed having most of my kids and 16 of my grandkids in town for the weekend (a tradition) and they really liked all the stuff for kids.

Roland Lee Booth display at St. George Art Festival

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