Saturday, April 04, 2009

April Watercolor Painting Workshop

April 2009 watercolor painting workshop taught by Roland Lee
We just concluded our April Watercolor Workshop. We spent quite a bit of time on painting clouds and skies. Artists attending included Alice Hemming (Maryland), Angie Frabasilio (Rockville), Gail Alger (Springdale), Carolyn Ostler (Wyoming), Louise Crosby (St. George), Erin Boorman (St. George). This is the last workshop until Fall.

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  1. I am so thrilled to learn from your website that you are going to teach a watercolor workshop in Santa Clara Watercolor Society. I live in Santa Clara and is a member of the society, currently volunteering to work on the publicity of our shows and workshops. I have purchased a book of yours and fell in love with the painting, and followed your blog ever since. I will definitely sign up for the workshop! Looking forward to it, although it is scheduled two years from now, I am already excited...

  2. Elfling: Thanks for your kind words. I try to share as much as I can with others because watercolor painting has brought me a lot of joy in my life. However, it is a challenging painting medium. More important than anything is to paint regularly. I paint every day so I have learned a lot over the years. If you do the same, your work will progress rapidly. Experience is more valuable than any lessons.

    I'm glad to know you find my website helpful. Keep on painting!

    Roland Lee