Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Zion Watercolor Painting of Virgin River

Virgin Beauty in Zion - Watercolor painting of Zion National Park by Roland LeeSee a Step by Step painting demo

As the Centennial year of Zion National Park rolls forward I am concentrating my efforts on a series of paintings featuring this wonderful place. I have been working madly on this painting trying to get it completed before we leave town for a week. I am very pleased with the results, especially the drama of lights and darks in the water. Click to Learn more about this painting


We're heading for Baltimore Maryland for a conference of the Association for Partners in Public Lands. As vice-chairman of the board of directors for the Zion Natural History Association I will join our other board and staff members for this annual affair. Luckily my wife Nellie gets to go along and we're spending a little time in Washington DC, and visiting our friends Phil and Norma Maestri. They are pretty special friends since their son Jason is married to our daughter Jennie, and we share three amazing grandkids.

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