Monday, July 02, 2007

Painting the Provo River at the Wasatch Plein Air Painting Competition

Photo of Roland Lee sketching in his travel sketchbook along the Provo River near Midway Utah. Photo by Nellie Lee

Probably my favorite part of the Wasatch Plein Air Paradise competition was just being able to be outdoors for several consecutive days with no interruptions. The Provo River winds its way through the valley and I spent quite a few peaceful hours sketching by the riverside. Early one morning I hiked upriver to a pastoral spot and plunked my chair in a shady bend. The rush of the water over the rocks lulled me into a quiet reverie as I began painting. within the hour a group of about 10 women and a couple of fishing guides began working in front of me, and I enjoyed the show as the guides tried to show the novices the art of fly fishing a river. It was comical, but I had to cheer as one of them actually caught a very nice Brown Trout. I might even come back to this spot with my fly fishing gear next time.

Roland Lee Watercolor painting of the Provo River in Midway Utah

"Peaceful River" 6" x 9" watercolor painted en plein air along the Provo River near Midway, Utah. On display at the Midway Town Hall through July 4, 2007.

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