Saturday, April 07, 2007

St. George Art Festival Television Interview

KUTV Television news crew doing interview with artist Roland Lee at the St. George ARt Festival

The KUTV News crew doing an interview with yours truly

The first day of the St. George Art Festival went well. I enjoyed meeting many new collectors as well as visiting with numerous previous collectors. With 28 paintings already on display at the St. George Art Museum I didn't have as many paintings for this show as I usually have. But it didn't seem to matter.

This morning I did a television interview from my booth for the KUTV Morning News. It's fascinating to see all the equipment they need to set up just for a few minutes of TV time. It seemed like everyone who stopped by my booth had seen me on the news this morning. Anyway my sales were very good during both days so we are pleased. I also enjoyed seeing my oldest brother Blaine, who came to town for the art show along with lots of other family members who always come to town easter weekend to get together.

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