Friday, April 27, 2007

Painting Demonstration for Dixie State College Watercolor Class

demonstration negative shapes by Roland Lee
Painting demonstration negative shapes by Roland Lee

Part of a powerpoint presentation I showed to the students at Dixie State College.

Last night I gave a short presentation to the watercolor class at Dixie State College. I try to say "yes" as often as possible to invitations to speak because I want to share what I love about art with as many people as possible. But it's great to spend time with young artists, because they are so full of enthusism and eagerness. This group was very involved in the discussion and had excellent questions. My subject was how to use negative painting (or back painting) to convey light and shadow in the landscape. Once again, however, they seemed to be most amazed at my sketchbooks.

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  1. I am an untrained artist from India and i LOVE water colours . I have always felt that this medium is still very much underrated , but your paintings are awsome . I love the transparency and coice of landscape that you use .....