Sunday, April 01, 2007

Canyon Country Paintings Exhibit Opens

Roland Lee sketch book drawings on display at the Saint George Art Museum

Roland Lee's Canyon Country exhibit at the Stt. George Art Museum

Roland Lee at the St. George Art Museum Exhibit opening

We enjoyed a good turnout at the opening reception Friday night at the St. George Art Museum. The mezzanine level features my show plus a pottery exhibit by artist and friend Glen Blakley. It was good to finally get the exhibit up. I have about 28 original paintings on display including Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, Snow Canyon, Kayenta and other southwest desert locations. Also on display are sketchbook drawings done on location and demonstration displays featuring step-by-step painting techniques. The show will run through July 7, 2007. Now I'm on way up to Salt Lake City to do a demonstration for the Utah Watercolor Society, then I'll only have a few days to finalize my work for the St. George Art Festival next weekend.

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  1. I love how you hung your sketches for display. It looks awesome! Displaying your sketches in contrast with your finished pieces will be a treat for everyone to see. I wish I could wander through there and take in each or your pieces all in one location like that. I guess being away from the "Canyon Country" makes me appreciate its beauty even more and glad that someone can capture how I feel about it and see it so much better than a photo ever could. Good luck with the show! We love you!