Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sandstone Towers Zion Painting

Roland Lee with collector Leslie Layton and her painting of Zion National Park, Sandstone Towers

I began this painting "Sandstone Towers" as a live demonstration at the Kayenta Art Festival. During the course of the demo Leslie Layton, a previous collector, was so excited about it she wanted to buy the painting on the spot. I encouraged her to wait until the painting was completed and agreed to let her see it first before putting it on the website. She saw the finished piece today and snapped it up along with two other small original paintings.

painting of Zion National Park, Sandstone Towers

Thumbnail sketch for Sandstone Towers painting of Zion National Park
the painting started with a small thumbnail sketch.

Partially completed, you can see the basic underglazes which create texture and warmth on the cliffs. I am preserving the white areas in the foreground for tree branches and details.

Roland Lee painting Sandstone Towers at the Kayenta Art FestivalHere I am hard at work on the painting during the Kayenta Art Festival. I finished the painting later in my studio.

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